The product is fantastic all the kids love them .. the service is great and friendly .. will be running this again next for the new kids ..

Such a wonderful idea! My little grade 2 man's brown paper lunch order bag would always rip and he would have to try to carry it all! Great investment!
We love the bags and they are selling fast. They are a great idea as they are reusable plus they are insulated. We will be encouraging all our 2018 kindy parents to buy one would love to get away from using paper bags for lunch orders.
Great company. Order arrived very quickly. This was a great fundraiser for our school. Easy to use and they're a great size (lunch wallets) for lunch orders. Highly recommend these products.
Easy to use, came on time. The only thing I'd say needs improvement is to make the allergy notification on the front more noticeable.
This fundraiser exceeded my expectations for such a small school. As well as the fundraiser drive we also stocked the uniform school and canteen for purchases through out the year and ready for Kinder orientation. Great service and response time to phone messages.
Absolutely amazing fundraiser for any school! The whole experience was fast, easy & you just can't beat the service & product quality. We look forward to doing business with Stickybeaks again in the near future.
The reusable lunch bags are great. Since introducing them to my canteen I have found them to a great size for lunch orders and parents love them.
Amazing service - great fundraiser for schools - great product as well
Fantastic item and also enviro-friendly. Great for lunchorders. The money doesnt fall out and the bags are solid to carry food without ripping like brown paper bags. All parents have been very happy with the product. We will be sure to advertise it for our new Foundation students starting next year.
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