Promotional Material

Incorporate the Stickybeaks range into:
  • Kindy Orientation
  • Back to School Packs
  • Stock up the Uniform Shop and/or Canteen
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There are many ways to incorporate our products into your School so we have designed some great promotional material for you to help boost sales.

Whether you are running a fundraiser, stocking in the canteen or uniform shop, organising a kindy orientation, fete or adding to your back to school list, there will be something for you and if there isn't please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Now, first you will need to create an account so you will be able to get access to a range of helpful forms, photos and other information to help you run a successful fundraiser.




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  • Its easy
  • No risk with no minimum order quantity
  • Lots of downloadable forms, images and helpful hints to help you suceed
  • Earn up to 77% profit


Step 1:
  • Select the Parent Order Form from your download promotional material and print. This form can be modified to suit you.
  • Send the order form home with the children and also put a copy in your newsletter.
  • Print the School Tally form to use after your promotion is completed.


Step 2:

  • Choose an ad to put in your newsletter each week and online if you have the facility from your download material.
  • Show the Reusable Lunch Order Bags at assemblys, take them around to classrooms.
  • Show the Kids and they will want them.
  • Set up a display in an obvious spot ie. Canteen on Front Office
  • Put up posters around the school in view for the kids and parents.


Step 3:

  • Choose an image or 2 to promote on your school facebook page.


Step 4:

  • Collect order forms and money.
  • Use the School Tally form to put together totals to be ordered.
  • Visit our website to place your order & make payment either by direct deposit or cheque.




Once we receive your payment we will email you advising your payment has been received.

You will receive another email from us advising when your order will be dispatched.

One you have received your order, hand them out to the children.



Speak to the school about making this an ongoing asset to the school.

Organise to have additional stock in the canteen or uniform shop for new students.

Have them available to sell at Kindy Orientation each year.

Also, don't forget to offer them to the students for back to school. It may be time for them to purchase a new one.



We receive many last minute phone calls from schools who receive late orders from students. You will always have the children who forgot to bring back their order form on time or who change their mind after they see their friends have one. Keep this mind when placing your order, most schools order a few additional bags on top to cater for this.

Stickybeaks suggest stocking the Lunch Wallet and All Rounders in the canteen or school shop.  This allows new students to purchase them and also continues to generate must needed funds for the school.



Always set a target of how many bags you want to sell and how much money you want to raise. Using key events throughout the year will assist in creating great promotions! 

Making Parents & Children aware of why you are running the fundraiser will also encourage them to help the School achieve their goal. 


We have designed various order forms and flyers for you to download (either in pdf or jpg format) to put in your newsletter, put on your website and print and/or email to your families. Don't forget about your facebook / instagram page.  This is another great way to let parents know what is going on.

If there are other events we have not thought of, simply use ours as a guide to design your own.


* Remember there is no minimum order and orders of 50 or more bags will receive FREE Postage Australia Wide!!
* Orders between 100 & 499 of the same style of prouct will also receive an additional 10% free stock
 eg. purhcase 100 reusable lunch order bags and receive an extra 10 for free
* For purchases of 500 or more please contact us.


Feel free to contact us at anytime if you require any further information.


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f. 02 8089-1021


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