Caring for my Lunch Wallet

Step 1:

Print your free Order Tag from our website simply by clicking here:  Click Here  

Step 2:

Write your lunch order clearly and place it in the zippered pocket. Change will be returned in this pocket.


Step 3:

Print your Free Name & Class Tag from our website. This clearly identifies your childs lunchbag.

Choose from our selection of: 

Pretty Tags: Click Here

Character Tags: Click Here

Sport & Recreation Tags: Click Here

Allergy Tags: Click Here


Step 4:

Fold your Lunch Wallet into the wallet and fasten closed with the velcro and send it to school with your child.


Step 5: 

Once your child has used their Lunch wallet, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth inside and outside after each use.



**Please Remember**
Your Lunch Wallet holds food.  Please empty and wipe it clean internally & externally after each use as you would your childs lunch box.