About Us

Stickybeaks is an Australian owned and run business established in 2008 by 4 hard working and innovative mums who were looking for an alternative to ordering their childrens lunches in brown paper bags.  It was important that we found something that was affordable as well as being kind to the environment.

Hours were spent putting the final touches together on what would become Australias first and original "Lunch Wallet" with clear zippered order pocket and clear slide in name pocket. Every detail of the design was carefully thought about in terms of practicality, even down to it being folded into a convenient wallet size when not in use.

The whole concept was thought through very carefully as we wanted to create something that would be easy for the children to use and easy for the canteen operators to use.  It needed to be duable, reusable, affordable and kind to the environment.  Here at stickybeaks, we feel we have achieved this, however we are continualy looking for ways to improve our products.

Since our launch in 2009 with our feature product the "Lunch Wallet", we now supply many schools in every state across Australia.  In 2010 we introduced our 2nd product, the insulated verion of the Lunch Wallet called the "All Rounder". 

Our bright and happy colours have grown in popularity as has our product range.  At Stickybeaks, we pride ourselves on our great reputation for customer service and professionalism.  We listen to our Clients and value all their feedback.  Based on our customer feedack, we are continuing to expand our range of practical, fun and high quality products that help to make School and Home Life that little bit easier and more organised.

Thanks for visiting, we are sure you will love our products as much as we do.

**Patented Product & Registered Design**

ABN Number is: 72556857221